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We are Nexus Concrete

Your Way to Modern Living Solutions! Using our state of the art facility we bring to you a wide range of our high quality construction concrete products that last from generation to generation.


About Us

NEXUS Concrete Products (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the largest concrete construction companies offering a vast concrete product range that are ideal for commercial, residential, and road construction  projects. Our precast components are manufactured in a controlled factory setting where rigorous quality assurance is carried out. We are known for our diverse experience and expertise that has made us an ideal choice to our valued clients.

Our Products

Concrete Pavers

Our paving stones are an ideal choice when it comes to beautifying outdoor flooring, such as  a patio, driveway, pathways due its durability and availability in many colors, patterns and shapes. These are produced on automatic plants with precise batching and shaped in imported molds. The plants use hydraulic press and strong eccentric vibrating forces to form these stones with face mix to enhance aesthetic appeal. Both simple and interlocking pavers are available as per the project demand.

Kerb Stones

Our production team produces kerb stones on automatic plants with precise batching and shaped in imported molds. Kerb Stone is an edge of road that is purposely raised. It provides structural support to the pavement edge, separates the road from the roadside, and discourages drivers from parking or driving on sidewalks and lawns. They can also be used to channel runoff water from rain into drains

Concrete Blocks
(Solid & Hollow)

Our concrete solid blocks are best suitable for load bearing walls and hollow blocks are ideal for partition walls in multi-storey buildings. On the virtue of their hollowness, hollow blocks add to the heat and sound insulation along with reducing weight of the structure. All types of blocks are manufactured by using high grade raw material that ensures their durability. We offer these blocks in different dimensions and designs suiting best with the demand of our clients.

Pcc Bricks

At our plant, Concrete Bricks are produced in exact required sizes as per specifications (i.e. 9″ in length whereas the clay bricks are shrunk in the process so they are not of the standard size so more consumption of clay bricks is required in comparison to PCC bricks). In addition to this, they provide all the benefits of traditional block masonry. PCC bricks are used both as load bearing and partition walls in multi-storey buildings. All types of blocks are manufactured by using high grade raw material that ensures their durability.

Terrazzo Tiles

Our Terrazzo tiles are a one-of-a-kind finishing surface option that is warmer than marble and more interesting than ceramic tiles. It’s making a huge comeback in upcoming years. The size of the aggregate and the color chosen for the cement makes each of our terrazzo unique. Terrazzo tiles formed with a wet mix of white or white blended with colored cement or white cement with a color pigment added and granular terrazzo aggregates applied throughout the tile to provide a monolithic finish. The tiles are casted in strong molds to proportions of 300 x 300 mm size with typical thickness of 19 mm with size tolerance of +_0.5 mm and available in both pre and post installation polish finish.

Concrete Tiles

At Nexus Concrete production unit, cement concrete tiles are manufactured by using wet casting methodology. The concrete proportions have been developed using cement, coarse aggregates and fine aggregate of silica sand. Mixing operations are carried out and produced by weight batching for uniformity of strength, consistency, and appearance. The files are casted in strong molds to proportions of 300 x 300 mm sizes and variety of color options as per the demand of the project. With a variety of customized patterns and colors, these tiles are best suited for car porches, side passages, roofing, and road construction. To test durability and performance, compressive strength test and concrete absorption test are conducted.

Precast girder slab system

Our Precast & Prestressed Concrete girder slab system is an alternative for construction of roofs and of inter-floors etc. which has proved its economy, convenience, speedy building construction and good quality of work. The system has two components i.e. R.C.C. Precast Slabs and Precast Prestressed Girders. Concrete roof systems have many advantages over competitive materials including but not limited to aesthetic appeal, structural economy and functional utility.

Boundary wall panel

Our precast boundary walls are manufactured on plants and then installed more quickly than regular poured concrete walls. They offer a superior storage and security solution. The precast boundary wall panel and column unit is lifted and set into place and does not require any additional labor or adjustments. Significant time and cost can be saved by using pre-stressed concrete wall panels over conventional block walls.

Concrete (ready mix)

At Nexus concrete plant, it is ensured that the quality materials are used to achieve the required strength of concrete. Nexus Concrete is known as the best ready mix concrete supplier, providing the best quality concrete product in Lahore within the needed time frame to the customers. Our proper mixing practice helps to reduce the consumption of cement by 10-12%. Concreting can be done at a rate of 30-45 cubic meters per hour in comparison to mixer machines that have a speed of 15-20 cubic meters per hour.